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Terms and Conditions for Fast Cash Loans

We will provide funding up to 60%-75% of the “After Repaired Value” (ARV) of the property. Approved normally within 24 hours and the funds to close are normally available within 3 to 5 days after desired property is identified; or less with the following terms and conditions:

1. Lender must have 1st Lien Position on all Loans.
2. Length of Loan up to 12 months, longer terms are negotiable.
3. Fees and Interest based upon the length, size and risk involved.
4. Lender reserves the right to require an escrow account for rehab funds during the time period of the loan.
1. Submit via email, the Borrower’s Loan Inquiry Form (see “Get Started”)
2. Email the signed and accepted real estate purchase contract, a detailed list of proposed repairs including materials and labor costs.
3. Provide General Liability Property Insurance for at least the value of the total loan.
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